An adventure and chase comedy of 2 Rat brothers. Twitchy is a modern, smart techie, and city rat. Tails is his fat cousin from the countryside who can die for food anytime. Tails come to Twitchy’s underground colony to live with his brother and learn the modern way of life and hip hop. Every episode evolves around their daily adventure for food and new places in the town. In most of the cases, Tails falls in trouble and Twitchy saves him through a heart-bursting chase comedy. The dynamism in 3D and pace will make it a must-watch for the kids and family.

Producer Karyahub Studios
Director Anirban Majumder
Style 3D Animation
Format 52*11″
Status Bible, Episode synopsis
Delivery 18 Months from the Greenlight
Looking for  Investors & Co-Partners & Distributors & Pre-Sales