Rolly Polly and the Super Family

This is a slice-of-life family comedy show. Where we have twin sisters Rolly and Polly, with a big attitude difference. And their father who is an architect and a dietitian mother. They have a baby brother, and the maidservant takes care of him when his parents go to work. What makes them super is how they handle day-to-day things and bring them into a super exciting stage. They can make simple day-to-day things so complicated and make them hilarious to our kid audience with twin confusion…Last but not least they have a pet dog Takku who will add to the FUN.

Producer Karyahub Studios
Director Anirban Majumder
Style 2D Animation
Format 52*11″
Status Bible, Episode synopsis
Delivery 1 Year from the Greenlight
Looking for  Investors & Co-Partners & Distributors & Pre-Sales